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We purchase personal injury medical lien receivables

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Joe Walker
Joe Walker
Vice President of Accounts

Medical Funding Insights

Our company understands the issues you may encounter with medical funding.

Medical Lien Financing Q&A:

Sooner rather than later is typically the best time to sell personal injury liens. Waiting too long could potentially devalue the receivables.

There are no up-front fees of any kind to partner with us. We purchase the receivables from you at a mutually agreed upon price. It costs you nothing and gets you paid sooner. Win, win!

We eliminate payment delays, allowing you to focus on patients and the growth of your business while reducing back-office bottlenecks and overhead requirements for your practice.

This is probably the most important question we get from medical providers. We take your attorney relationships very seriously. Just as seriously as we take our reputation. We understand how important these attorney relationships are and we understand the finer points of how to maintain them.

There are no minimum or maximum personal injury claim portfolio sizes, we have purchased portfolios of all sizes.

We are flexible and can work with your desired cadence – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly funding can be scheduled to suit your individual needs

We currently purchase receivables in 46 states. All of our Personal Injury receivables purchases are related to automobile accidents.

We work with a full spectrum of personal injury medical providers, including orthopedics, spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, surgery centers, hospitals, MRI facilities, pain management physicians and TBI centers. We are happy to work with any medical provider that accepts liens for PI cases

Imaging & diagnostics, spinal fusions, in-patient and out-patient TBI care, orthopedic and spinal surgeries, rehabilitation centers and pain management to name just a few.

All funding is made on a non-recourse basis, meaning no risk to you if the case is lost because you have already been paid.

We Purchase Personal Injury Medical Liens

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