Medical Funding Solutions

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Why Elite is the Right Partner for You

We understand the financial challenges that medical providers often face while waiting for their personal injury medical liens to pay out. With so much cash tied up in 1-3 year estimated receipts, some providers struggle with covering their routine expenses including facility maintenance, payroll and equipment leases and purchases. Our medical receivables solutions may solve your cash flow challenges. We can turn your medical receivables portfolios into cash – allowing you to invest in growing your healthcare organization.

Medical providers that take personal injury cases often experience cash flow challenges waiting for payment on liens. Those medical facilities and providers that have decided to not accept personal injury medical liens may be turning away a valuable segment of your market potential. Partner with Elite to turn your slow-to-perform medical receivables into cash with a custom solution to solve your challenges!

At Elite, we only do one thing – we purchase medical receivables associated with personal injury cases. We purchase medical receivables from small single-location practices to surgical facilities specializing in spine surgeries, and everything in between. It’s all we do, and we do it very well.

Why wait years to receive payment, if there is payment at all? There is no need to wait for payment on your personal injury medical receivables when you align with Elite. We can pay promptly for your medical receivables and eliminate your risk of non-payment!

As your patient mix gravitates more towards personal injury cases, your cost to collect will elevate proportionately. Radically reduce or totally eliminate this collection cost by working with Elite.

Elite has the finesse to improve your cash flow while maintaining your close attorney relationships. We take your attorney relationships seriously, we know they are the key to your success as well as ours.

When your patient’s underlying personal injury legal case is lost, your lien or LOP are worthless and you don’t get paid. Aligning with Elite, you will remove the risk of non-payment completely!