Ambulatory Surgery Centers

ASC’s play a critical role in treating patients with injuries as a result of an MVA. These facilities can have multiple millions of dollars in PI-related charges awaiting payment anywhere from 18 months to 3 years or more. Elite can turn this massive but unpredictable asset into cash quickly. Back-office workload pressures can decrease overnight and what was an unpredictable payment can be made a consistent predictable revenue source.


Hospitals can sometimes be reluctant to treat PI due to the unpredictable nature of the revenue stream. Elite works with hospitals that treat PI as well as those that want to treat PI by taking away the risk of non-payment and the unpredictable nature of payment timing.

Rehabilitation Centers

Rehabilitation is often an important step in recovering from a MVA. Centers focusing on personal injury care employ a wide variety of specialties and can be in-patient or out-patient care focused. These facilities and their providers will often find themselves with a large outstanding portfolio of personal injury receivables that are slow to receive payment for services performed. Relieve back-office workload pressures and get paid quickly for what was an unpredictable payment source.

Other Personal Injury Focused Facilities

Some facilities may not fit into a common category but their medical services to patients involved in MVA’s are important none the less and so is their path to payment. Using Elite eliminates the wait for payment and provides predictable revenue streams. AR can be purchased for urgent care centers, toxicology labs and other facilities that handle personal injury patients.