Diagnostic Imaging 

Diagnostic Imaging comes early in the process of diagnosing patients injured in motor vehicle accidents. Imaging centers often have very large portfolios of PI receivables that are waiting to be settled. These portfolios can be time-consuming to manage and are not always predictable with regard to payment. Elite can purchase these portfolios providing you immediate cash, removing risk, and reducing overhead. New receivables can be purchased on a regular cycle providing imaging centers with predictable and dependable payment with no wait time. 

Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Care 

Physical therapy is important to the recovery process for those injured in motor vehicle accidents. Patient recovery times vary and sometimes require physical therapy for extended periods of time in order to properly treat the injury. These bills add up and the nature of the treatments often means there are going to be a significant amount of them to manage. Elite works with PT practices to make sure their cash flows are more predictable, and their payments are timely. PT portfolios are often large and will consist of hundreds if not thousands of different claims. These claims can be a nightmare for large and small PT practitioners alike. Selling these portfolios removes the burden of managing these claims, provides predictable payments, and allows predictability in payment timing. 

Chiropractors are crucial caregivers to personal injury patients. Typically, those injured in an MVA visit a chiropractor 3-10 days after a car crash occurs. Detailed information is collected, and treatment begins. Often multiple encounters accumulate, and the bills stack up quickly. Both small and large practices can benefit immediately by working with Elite to convert these personal injury receivables into a predictable piece of their revenue cycle. PI receivables are purchased at the completion of treatment instead of waiting until settlement. Predictable revenue and predictable payment schedules are a game-changer for chiropractic care providers. 

Traumatic Brain Injury, Neurology & Neurosurgery 

A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a common injury related to MVA’s. For those who are treated for TBI the average hospital stay Is 9 days depending on the severity and multiple specialists may be involved. Some of those with a TBI will need longer term inpatient or outpatient care. The accumulation of charges of this type can be astronomical and waiting to be paid for them can be detrimental. Working with Elite can provide payment predictability. Building this predictability into the revenue cycle provides a positive impact on your bottom line. No waiting, no guessing. 

Pain Management & Anesthesia 

Pain management is a big piece of the puzzle in treating personal injury patients. Pain management practitioners often provide treatment for patients injured in motor vehicle accidents on a lien basis. PI receivables can add up quickly and cause a financial drag on a pain practice. Rather than live with the unpredictability of settlement and payment these practices work with Elite. Elite can convert PI receivables into a predictable and timely revenue source removing the risk of nonpayment, turning a guessing game into a sure thing.  

Orthopedics & Spine Surgery 

Orthopedics and spine surgery are sometimes necessary to treat those injured in a MVA. Surgeons who treat these patients know that they are often complex and as a result of the complexity they can be very expensive. It is important that these practitioners have the ability to treat a patient’s injuries knowing that they do not have to wait for payment or maybe even end up not being paid at all if a settlement turns out to be unfavorable. Working with Elite eliminates this risk by ensuring payment by purchasing the AR from the practitioners. Knowing there is a guaranteed path to payment and complete predictability in when they will be paid is good for the surgeon and allows them to treat PI patients without the possibility of working for free. 

Other Personal Injury Specialists 

Some medical providers may not fit into a common category but their medical services to patients involved in MVA’s are important none the less and so is their path to payment. Using Elite eliminates the wait for payment and provides predictable revenue streams. AR can be purchased for things like durable medical equipment, prosthetics, transportation, and even in home care related to personal injury.