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Receivables Solutions

We understand that current events may be placing a strain on your resources and operations.

Over the past year many practices and hospitals have reached out to us to create some financial fluidity within their organizations. What we are seeing during this time is uncertainty on the part of medical practices across the country regarding new referrals and stability and growth overall.

If you help personal injury patients and are holding medical liens or letters of protection, we may be able to provide you with liquid resources immediately to help you and your practice during this unprecedented time.

Watch this video to learn more about how medical funding may be the right solution to help you weather the storm and come back stronger once your practice is able to fully reopen again.

Elite Medical Receivables Solutions specializes in purchasing existing accounts receivables that involve a personal injury matter. For the past 8 years we have been an industry leader in this field, and we understand the complexity involved in servicing and collecting on these accounts.

Elite Can Help

At Elite, we understand the financial challenges that medical providers and hospitals often face while waiting for their personal injury medical liens to pay out. Our medical receivables solutions can solve your cash flow challenges. We can turn your medical receivable portfolios into immediate cash – allowing you to manage overhead and invest in your growing healthcare organization.

We can develop a cash flow solution that works for you

To learn more, watch our webinar or call us at 888-242-4012.

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Last Updated: OnNovember 16, 2021